Limited series of lemonades in honor of the great Russian artist
Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev

The premium drinks Kalinov Lemonade Vintage with respect and love refer to the great heritage of Russia. The inspiration for creating a flavor variety of this lemonade was the recipe for sugary drinks from the end of the XIX century.
The period of the second half of XIX century in the history of Russia, like no other, was famous for the unprecedented flourishing of science, culture, art and technical progress. Reviving the feeling of that era in the drinks, Kalinov Lemonade Vintage tells about the great creators of the "golden" century of Russian art, demonstrating the artistic richness of Russia on labels.

We present to your attention a limited series of lemonades in honor of the great russian painter Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev. Each of the seven selected tastes Kalinov Lemonade Vintage personifies one of the Kustodiev great works.

Kalinov Lemonade Pear

You can feel the bright and fragrant aroma of russian fruit orchards while enjoying the painting "The Apple Orchard" created in 1918. The taste of Kalinov Lemonade Pear will give the feeling of fresh juicy pear flavor and wonderful aroma of spicy summer.
Cozy family meetings at one large table always evoke the most joyful and pleasant feelings. Such memories can indulge in looking at the painting "On the Terrace" created in 1906 and drink slowly the Kalinov Lemonade Domashny with their loved ones.

Kalinov Domashny Lemonade

Kalinov Lemonade Melon

In the summer afternoon tea with a hot samovar in the merchant houses traditionally served not only sweet pastries, honey, jam, but also seasonal fruits or berries. Especially emphasized the wealth of the family when on the table was such an overseas fruit as Melon. The painting "Blue House" created 1920 and a cool glass of Kalinov Lemonade Melon will help to immerse yourself in this peaceful atmosphere.
The taste of the classic lemonade is familiar to everyone as well as the most famous painting by Boris Kustodiev "The Merchant`s Wife at Tea" created in 1918. The rich taste of orange, lemon in combination with the aroma of vanilla is also recognizable from the first sips as well as the famous picture - at first glance.

Kalinov Lemonade Classic

The strength and boldness of the russian soul has always admired the whole world. And the plots where russian winter holidays were celebrated on a grand scale, were often honored with the brush and pen of famous russian artists and writers. An example is the «Maslenitsa» created in 1919. You can taste the mighty russian herbs and imagine yourself at this traditional holiday by drinking the Kalinov Lemonade Siberian herbs.

Kalinov Lemonade Siberian herbs

Colorful and noisy folk holidays in Red Square - is this not a symbol of the vigorous and vibrant life of pre-revolutionary Russia? The painting "The Palm Bargaining at the Spassky Gates on the Red Square in Moscow" created in 1917 shows traditional festivities before the Easter. And the taste of the juicy ruby berry in Kalinov Lemonade Cherries will be able to give a festive mood on any day.

Kalinov Lemonade Cherries

Kalinov Lemonade Tarragon

The painting "Trinity Day" created in 1920 shows the eponymous traditional russian holiday in honor of the beginning the long-awaited spring. On Sunday the ladies and gentlemen dressed up in their best outfits and flaunted their streets through them, rejoicing in the first warm days. And what a sunny day without the cool and tasty Kalinov Lemonade Estragon made from bracing and fragrant tarragon herb?

The heritage of traditions
in richness tastes!

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