Kalinov Lemonade Vintage is a premium range of lemonade with using recipes from the end of the XIX century. A variety of berry, fruit and herbal lemonades bottled into elegant vintage glass bottles will take you to the tsarist era of Russia. The composition of Kalinov Lemonade Vintage is flawless: only natural extracts and flavors, natural juices and purest water. Excellent quality of drinks will not leave indifferent even most demanding admirers of lemonade.
The sparkling taste of the noble drink Kalinov Soda for refined ladies and gentlemen!
Treat yourself to a delicious drink from the Kalinov partnership.
The elegance and perfection of the recipes of 1897.

Kalinov Lemonade Soda

Kalinov Lemonade Pear

The fruit symphony is revealed in the taste of Kalinov Lemonade Pear. The aromas of southern gardens and the rays of the sun envelop you with the first taste. Surround yourself with the perfect melody of taste with Kalinov Lemonade.
Taste of juicy and bright watermelon in every mouthful of Kalinov Lemonade. Exceptional aroma and sweet-rich drink will delight every connoisseur of delicate tastes. Treat yourself and your lady with a fine drink Kalinov Lemonade Watermelon.

Kalinov Lemonade Watermelon

Kalinov Lemonade Vintage Orange.

Natural orange juice, which absorbs the southern sunshine and fresh sea air and pure water inside Kalinov Lemonade Orange will give you real pleasure. Feel the bright mood of juicy and sweet southern fruit in Kalinov Lemonade Vintage Orange.
Refreshing Kalinov Domashny Lemonade with natural lemon juice will delight in the hot summer heat. A noble continuation of the classic lemonade traditions.

Kalinov Domashny Lemonade

Kalinov Lemonade Melon

The sweetest and bewitching taste of the Middle East is collected in each bottle of Kalinov Lemonade Melon. Every taste of this lemonade will give true pleasure.
Refined Kalinov Classic Lemonade for demanding taste with subtle notes of vanilla and butter cream. Kalinov Lemonade Classic can decorate with itself any celebration.

Kalinov Lemonade Classic

Kalinov Lemonade Strawberry

You can taste the juicy and exotic berries with the taste of Kalinov Lemonade Strawberry. Truly imperial pleasure for true connoisseurs of expensive pleasure.
The power of Siberia in pristine purity. Kalinov Lemonade Siberian herbs have absorbed the best of what nature gives. Feel the true delight of the powerful and noble taste of this drink.

Kalinov Lemonade Siberian herbs

Kalinov Lemonade Tarragon

All the richness the classic taste of tarragon lemonade with the addition of natural essential oil from the herbs Tarragon. Enjoy the good taste of Kalinov Lemonade Tarragon.
Sweet scarlet berry with a unique aroma and rich taste immerses in serenity and noble mood. Kalinov Lemonade Cherries will satisfy even the most demanding sugary drinkers. Feel the fragrance of Russian cherry orchards and get pleasure from every taste Kalinov Lemonade Cherries.

Kalinov Lemonade Cherries

Kalinov Lemonade Blackcurrant

You will feel the unique berry fleur with the sip of Kalinov Lemonade Blackcurrant. Each notes of this chilled drink immerses itself in an atmosphere of grace and nobility.
An exquisite EAST-INDIAN TONIC according to the original recipe from the Kalinov. The historical taste of the tonic will perfectly complement any drink with its splendor.

Kalinov Lemonade EAST-INDIAN TONIC

The heritage of traditions
in richness tastes!

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